Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 Months

Tatum turned 6 months on Saturday and I still can't believe it.I washed her 6 months and 6-9 months clothes yesterday and just stood at the washing machine baffled.how has she already been on the Earth for half a year?what a blessed 6 months it has been.

At 6 months you:
.weigh around 20 lbs?
.wear size 3 diaper (your daddy is excited bc you fit in the denim diapers)
.eat 6-8 oz 4 times a day
.eat cereal way better than last month
.wear 6 month clothes and some 6-9
.newborn shoes are still big on you
.still take reflux medicine
.spit ups have been much better the last week or two
.started napping in your crib this week but stay upright at night
.having a slight attachment issue with anyone other than momma feeding you (workin on fixin that)
.grab anything in sight
.always playing with your feet or shoving them in your mouth
.like to touch faces
.like to touch different textures
.went on your first vacation and did so great
.nap 3 times a day (you may sleep too much so I'm trackin nap times to ask the doc)
.always smiling or laughing
.still have the sweetest personality
.your hair is growing!!!!
.you'd rather sit than lay
.you're workin on a weird army crawl
.love new toys

You're the best little girl.you never fuss or cry.you are always so so happy and bring so much joy to your momma and daddy.you're the prettiest little girl.i want to keep you tiny but I love watching you change.you definitely have your daddy wrapped around your finger but that's okay because that's the way we want it.we love you sweet girl.

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