Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Become Three

Well, its official...I'm pregnant! I found out two weeks ago and boy was I SHOCKED! As most of you know, Billy and I were moving to Dallas so he could attend seminary. Those plans are currently on hold since we have a mini mac coming February 21. I found out on a Wednesday(6/10) and we had our "going away party" on Friday. Only a few close friends knew of our situation. Let me take this time to apologize to everyone who came to say goodbye. I'm so sorry for lying to your face about Dallas and acting super awkward the entire night!
We told my family after the party and they were probably as shocked as I was when I saw 2 lines on my pregnancy test. We were supposed to go to Dallas to look for an apartment that Saturday but instead went to Conway to break the news to his family. They were also very shocked. It has been such a blessing for the support we have from our family and friends!

I'm 6 weeks today. The past two weeks have been crazy. Our apt lease is up so we found a place big enough for 3 people last week. We had already put in our 2 weeks notice at work because we were planning on moving to Dallas after our vacation which is Wednesday. Loving Choices had already hired someone for my position so I'm currently looking for a new job. Billy's work is letting him stay there so that's a huge blessing.

Wednesday (6/10)-First positive test at work

Onesie I painted to tell Billy
How we told Billy's parents- his family calls him Billy Duke
"My Favorite..." a memory book I made for my parents to break the news

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  1. Wow! So excited for you guys! Even more excited to have another friend for my baby!!

  2. We are so thrilled for you all! When your Mom showed me the book you made at church I had goose bumps! You and Billy will be great parents---what a lucky little babymc! Our best wishes to both of you!
    Doug & Linda

  3. I love the blog! I am still in shock from last Wednesday! If you need a place to stay during the transition, you know you are always welcome at our house!

  4. Seth told me the great news after Billy called him!! I am SO excited for the two of you and so happy you will be staying!!! Congratulations, and let us know if you need anything! We would love to help out!

  5. haha love it! now put up the pictures of your mom's face when she found out!!!