Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Billy and I are having a GIRL! A friend of mine, Elizabeth came up with a fun way to announce the good news to her family so I had to copy. We had a gender reveal party and used her scavenger hunt clue cards. The only problem was my family thought it was a boy so everyone wanted to be on the boy team. Luckily, a few of them didn't mind going against their predicitions to create a girl team. Billy's family lives in Conway so they weren't able to participate but I think they were fine finding out over the phone. Plus, they were the first to know the good news. Everyone was pretty shocked to find out we weren't having a boy. Billy and I both wanted a boy first but we had a feeling it was a girl so we weren't very shocked to find out we were right! We're beyond thrilled to welcome a little gal into our family. I've already bought her a few outfits-I just can't help myself! Girl clothes are the cutest things EVER! As of right now, our community group has 4 pregnant ladies...and counting :) Amy & Elizabeth are having boys in December, I'm having a girl in Feb, and we're anxious to find out in a few weeks what Kara will be having in March...I'm hoping for a girl, Kara! :)

We have decided on the name Tatum. We really did luck out with a girl because Tatum was the only name we were 100% on. I've been waiting to take a bump picture around 20 weeks because honestly the weekly progress has been so tiny. I think the last pic was at 13 weeks? Anyway, Tatum has decided to show off the last 2 weeks so I'll be taking a 17 week picture Monday.

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  1. Congrats on your baby girl! I love the name Tatum. So cute! Do you guys have the middle name picked out? How are planning on decorating the nursery?