Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I flipped the day I found out Billy & I were going to have a baby. We had plans to move to Dallas in 2 weeks, quit our jobs, and we're moving out of our apt in a week. I'm writing this post because God has definitely taught me throughout these 22 weeks of pregnancy just how faithful he really is. Billy was able to get his job back which was a huge blessing, but I was still out of work. Well, 1 and 2 weeks of being jobless turned into 4 months and is still going strong ha. Every job I have found hasn't worked out because of the limitations during pregnancy, plans fell through, or no one has contacted me about jobs I have applied for. All that to say, I'm so thankful to be helping out at Northstar for the next few weeks.

God has been there with us every step of the way. Billy found us a place to live the week after we found out we were pregnant. One that is big enough for baby and very reasonably priced. He's provided for us in more ways than I can count. We've been able to rejoice that I'm 22 weeks, she's healthy, kickin' like crazy-love the reminder of how blessed I am to be a mom when I feel her kick every few minutes throughout the day. Billy's cousin let me borrow her maternity clothes which was so sweet of her! I'm tellin' ya, there's enough shirts that I may not be able to wear them all before Tatum comes. Maternity clothes have been a stressor for me because I didn't want to spend tons of money on clothes I wouldn't wear for very long, but I grew so fast that I can't wear a lot of my clothes. I've only had to buy 3 pair of maternity pants. Right now, I think that has been the biggest blessing for me because we were able to save so much money. My niece will be 8 months older than Tatum so we get to borrow all of her cute clothes she's to big for. My aunt also sent Brooke a TON of her daughter's clothes so Tatum is pretty much set for the next 2 years. We've been given a lot of diapers that Stella has outgrown. And my mom has been sewing away for her. All that to say, I don't need to buy clothes for her because she is SET! My dad built her changing table & crib, my mom & I are making her bedding, my mother-in-law gave us the rocking chair she used with Billy and Lindsay, and they gave us one of their dressers.

I'm in awe of Christ's goodness & the sweetness of our friends and family! God has been teaching me to be still and simply trust in Him.
So sorry this is the longest blog post on the planet

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  1. I thank God for how HE has blessed me with you, sweet child!!!
    Love ya,