Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 Months

Tatum turned 8 months old last Thursday and I must say that I love this age.she has developed such a silly personality.she's always cracking us up.

At 8 months you:

.weigh 18.5 lbs
.wear 6 & 9 month clothes
.you can't wear any boots.the top of your feet are chubby bc your feet are so small so everything is tight
.you eat 4 6-8 oz bottles
.you get baby food once a day and love've had sweet taters,squash,peas,green beans
.you wear size 3 diaper
.you still have no desire to crawl
.you talk!you say mama,bye bye,& can wave bye
.you have your 2 front bottom teeth.the first tooth didn't bother you but the 2nd made you a little fussy
.you growl at everything & everyone
.you are super ornery!
.you sleep from 8-7
.you love to bounce yourself all the time

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