Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Month

happy one month birthday Sadie! It honestly feels like you have been here forever so I guess you could say your first month has gone by slow but it definitely has been eventful. You are such a sweet baby(when your tummy or acid aren't bothering you) and are a trooper when it comes to your big sis. You've been through a lot this month but haven't complained a bit. You were born looking identical to your sis but now look like me ( according to my family). I can definitely see a resemblance when I compare baby pictures. You are a great night sleeper like your sis and have acid reflux but that's about the only thing yall share in common. It's fun having a completely different baby but it also throws me for a loop sometimes :)

At one month you:

. Weigh a little over 8 lbs
. Wear NB diapers
. Some NB onesies are getting snug
. Nurse every 2 hrs during the day- you definitely don't like to wait :)
. You've been having 4-6 hr stretches at night but you've slept from 10-6 the last 2 nights
. Only take 2 good naps during the day- your acid/tummy hurts you
. Are very alert and make great eye contact
. Have big blue eyes
. Take 15 mg of Prevacid for acid reflux but it doesn't seem to be helping. This was the only medicine that helped sis so mom and dad are stumped
. Went to the ER and stayed in the hospital for 2 days when you were a week old. It was awful but you were such a tough girl

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