Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Third Trimester

Am I really in my third trimester?! This pregnancy has flown by! I'm already getting sad that I only have 2 more months with her in my belly...pathetic, I know, but I absolutely LOVE being pregnant! I totally understand why Michelle Dugger (love her) has 19 kids. I had my last 4 week doctor appt. and now we are on to every 2 weeks. We also start our birthing class tomorrow night which I'm not really looking forward to but oh well. I figured since I would like to have a natural birth, I should probably be prepared with the whole process.

My mom finished Tatum's bedding and I love it!!! I'll post pictures as soon as we paint the crib and get a mattress. Traveling 7 months pregnant for holidays is not that fun because stinker loves to dance, jump, and sit on my bladder :). I feel like Thanksgiving weekend lasted a week and Christmas will probably be more exhausting but that's okay! We left Wednesday night after work for Conway, had a big Thanksgiving with Billy's family (35 people in all) and drove 3 hours to Missouri to be with my family Friday & Saturday.

December is going to fly by! We're here this weekend so we'll probably be painting her crib and changing table all day Saturday. Next weekend, we go back to Conway for my father-in-law's family Christmas. Everyone is staying at my in-laws so there will probably be around 15 people in their house, crazy! We will spend our weekend ice skating (not me), looking at christmas lights, and a christmas service at church. We'll be here the 3rd weekend in dec. and off to Conway again the 23rd, Christmas Eve with Billy's family (all 35), and Christmas morning. Then we will drive 3 hrs to Missouri to spend Christmas night and the day after with them. Busy, busy, busy!

Welcome 3rd Trimester!

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  1. You look great! I am 29 weeks today. I'm not sure how I found your blog. I love being pregnant too. It's really not that bad! We haven't done the hardest part, though! I love your daughter's name, by the way!