Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 weeks

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being pregnant? I'm really, really going to miss feeling Tatum's kicks, flips, tickles, hiccups and everything else she's doin' in there. I met two of my friends babies last week and oh how it made me want to meet our lil gal! Asa and Tucker are sooo cute and I can't wait to add Tatum in the mix! I wasn't able to see Elizabeth in the hospital when Asa came but I did see Amy & it made me so excited and anxious that I will be in a hospital bed very soon, just 10 weeks and counting! We have our 3rd childbirth class tonight which I'm not looking forward to because it's 3 hours but thank goodness we only have one more left after tonight.

30 weeks
Fun Fact: Billy proposed almost 2 years ago and now 2 years later I am almost 8 months pregnant, CRAZY!

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