Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Shower

Yesterday was so much fun! Some dear friends of mine threw me a wonderful baby shower to celebrate sweet Tatum Paisley! Billy & I are beyond blessed with the amount of family and friends who have showered Tatum with love from day one. We have more gifts than we know what to do with and can't seem to figure out where to put everything :) Billy stayed up till midnight putting all of her gifts together...I never knew putting a stroller together would be so exciting! I forgot my camera so I only have the pictures Elizabeth took (thanks Elizabeth!) I brought our new flip video camera so my mom could record bits of my shower, but I forgot to give it to her...definitely need to be better about taking pictures and such or else we'll have no documentation of our sweet girl!
I have one more shower this weekend that my mother-in-law & sis-in-law are throwing for me, so sweet!

All my sweet hostesses

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