Sunday, January 9, 2011

Middle Name

33 weeks

8 months

We decided on Tatum as our girl name when I was 7 weeks pregnant. I really wanted to use a family name for her middle name but there really weren't any that we loved. My mom and MIL both mentioned liking Paisley way before we were pregnant so Billy and I have always kept that in mind for her middle name. We both love Paisley and feel that it is like a family name since both our moms love it. We never officially decided that would be her middle name but we haven't suggested any other names since I was 20 weeks pregnant. So, I'm happy to say we will welcome Tatum Paisley McEntire into the world in 6 weeks or less!
*Tatum: Joyful spirit
*Paisley: Woman of the church
My Fayetteville shower is Sunday and I'm so excited! I just can't believe it's already time for my baby shower...this pregnancy has gone by so fast!
My next post will have lots of pictures of her nursery. It took Billy 3o hours to paint her furniture and he did such a good job!! Her bedding & curtains are complete and they look awesome in her room (Thanks Mom!) I have a few paintings I need to do, add the finishing touches to her changing table and get the rocking chair from my MIL and her room will be complete!!!

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