Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tired Mama

We are spoiled. Lil gal is an easy breezy baby so the nights when she's not an exceptional baby, Billy and I don't know what to do with ourselves. She has only had 3 "bad" nights but even those weren't bad compared to some stories I've heard. I try to feed her at 9 which puts her down around 10:30 or a little after. She gets up every 3 hours & usually will go 4 hours after her last early morning feeding.
Last night was a different story. Lil stinker went 4 hrs after her 9:00 feeding, which was great, but I could not go to sleep at all. She was awake from 1-4 last night. She wasnt fussy, she just disnt want to go back to sleep. We'd put her in her crib with hope that she'd put herself to sleep but that just wasnt going to happen. Poor Billy slept 2 hrs before he had to get up for work. Hopefully last night won't repeat itself but she has slept most of the day so we shall see...

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