Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Months

Happy 2 months Tatum!

At 2 months you:

-weigh around 9 lbs- you were 8.15 2 wks ago
-22.5 in tall
-still eat every 3 hrs & go 5-9 hours at night
-took your first bottle like a champ
-stopped breathing 3 times in 36 hours ( dr. said it's from acid reflux but we think your allergic to soy)
-have a mild case of lactose intolerant (no more cereal for momma)
-outgrown a lot of your newborn clothes but too small for 3 months (tall enough but too petite)
-wearing size 1 diapers as of today
-smile & talk all the time!
-love to stick your tongue out
-sleep in your car seat to help your acid reflux
-look just like your daddy

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