Monday, June 20, 2011

Four Months

My sweetness is 4 months old today!

At 4 months you:
. Weigh 13.6 lbs
. Drink 2 oz of b milk & we supplement 4 oz of formula. Momma wasn't able to give you enough herself :(
. Rolled over a few times
. Hold your head up like a champ
. Still have bad acid reflux but you don't seem to care
. Get medicine for ar once a day
. Have a new bedtime, 8:30 & sleep till 7
. Take 3 naps- you usually don't nap more than an hour
. Still sleep in your swing. You'll be back in your crib when your reflux goes away
. Would rather sit than lay upright
. "Swam" in the pool for the first time
. Grab your toys & still love books
. In a size 1 diaper but I think you'll upgrade soon
. Have teeny tiny feet- nb shoes are still big on you
. Wear 0-3 months & some 3-6 clothes
. Love to play with momma & daddy
. Love, love, love being outside
. Likes when momma sings to you
. Smile with your whole face & it's adorable
. Cried your first tears bc momma didn't know you weren't eating enough
. Talk all day long

I never thought I would be so blessed to have you as a daughter. You are the easiest, happiest baby and you have the sweetest personality! You are so much fun & such a joy to care for!

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  1. I'm so glad I got to see both of you girls yesterday, she is so beautiful with the greatest smile!

  2. Jo Dirt! I love that God has blessed you with all yout dreams! You were talking about your future Tatum in the 6th grade! Amazing. She is gorgeous!