Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tatum had her 4 month shots today. I was dreading it when I woke up this morning. She did so great with her 2 month shots but she's so much more aware now I figured she'd scream & cry. I figured wrong. She didn't even fuss till the 2nd shot and it only lasted a few seconds. Tough lil britches. She gets it from her momma :).
Tates is 50% head, 40% weight, 10% height. She actually dropped 5% in height since 2 months. I told the doc I was a petite baby. He said "I wouldn't call her petite, more like compact" haha. I don't think she's going to be short though & he isn't worried since 4 months says nothin ab her as an adult. I'm 5'5, billys 6'0 so I think she'll be just fine.
Tomorrow we're celebrating Stella's 1st birthday (a week early) so I better go wrap her present from cousin Tatum
I'll leave you with pics of "Mac truck mater" that's what billys been callin her lately. I think it's fitting

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