Friday, September 2, 2011

I wish

We would've videoed tatum's birth.we threw around the idea but didn't know if we should since it would be my first time giving birth and wanting to have her natural.right after she was born I wished we videoed the whole experience.that day is still crystal clear in my mind but every now and then I have a desire to relive her birth day.if we knew the outcome of that day we would've recorded me crazy but somedays I miss the pain and discomfort of tatum's birth.she was such an easy baby to labor and deliver.ugh if only I had it on tape.childbirth is so in awe of Gods grace over us that so glad he made me a woman.he blessed me with the gift to conceive and carry a experience a fetus being formed into a child in my feel what Mary felt giving birth in a stable.I pray if we are blessed with more children that I will be able to have them natural.and we will get it on tape.(but not the gross stuff:)

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  1. Aww I understand how you feel. But you will never forget your baby girl's entrance into this world. You'll always have this precious memory to cherish, and only you can remember all the amazing emotions you felt that day :)