Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12 Months

My sweet baby turned one a week ago. How did that happen so quickly?? I guess this will be my last monthly update until I start again with #2 in 3 short months.

At 12 months you:
.weigh 19.5 lbs
.28 inches tall
.10% height, 25% weight, 75% head
.still on formula until you eat more table food
.love strawberry, cheese & pickle
.wear 12-18 month clothes
.wear size 4 diaper
.usually take 2 naps- morning 1-1.5 hrs, afternoon 2-2.5 hrs
.Bedtime at 8 & up around 7:30
.say momma,dada, baby, hi, bye
.you blow kisses, pray, quack like a duck, make a slurping noise when you give your baby doll her bottle, rock your baby
.you are standing by yourself for longer periods
.walk holding on with one hand but are pretty wobbly
.basically off the bottle- only get one at bedtime
.get 4 sippy cups of milk (4-6 oz). You get less milk so hopefully this will make you hungrier for real food
.cuddle a lot more :)

You are still the sweetest & funniest baby. You truly do live up to your name because you have such a joyful spirit. We love you big as the world.
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