Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by!! Half the time I don't feel pregnant (even with my huge belly) and I only have 10 weeks or less to go, crazy!! We've done absolutely nothing to the nursery. Hopefully we'll get down to business soon but the realization of baby sister coming soon hasn't sunk in. We do have a crib so if all else fails, she at least has a place to sleep.

I wanted to document a few things about this pregnancy so I'll remember for the next one :)
.sister's heartbeat was in the mid 140s today
.she likes to stay right behind my belly button or a little to the right. This has made her kicks & big movements uncomfortable. It's also hard to keep Tatum from kneeing her when I hold her
.I definitely have had more heartburn. I only had it a few times with Tatum but I have it almost every night with sister
.I don't feel like sister is as active as Tatum was, but it's probably that I don't notice her movements since I'm busy chasing a 13 month old. She has been moving a lot more the last few nights
.I crave sweets. all.the.time. i haven't even tried to control myself which is terrible, I know. I've gained 22 lbs. I didn't keep track with Tatum but I think I gained 30-35? If I keep goin at this rate, I will blow that number outta the water

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