Wednesday, April 11, 2012

32 weeks

I started every 2 week appointments and tomorrow I'll be 32 weeks. Still haven't figured out how that happened so quickly! My friend had her baby yesterday just shy of 38 weeks so panic mode has really sunk in considering we have accomplished NOTHING. Im feeling very pregnant these days but it still hasn't hit me that we will be having another baby very soon. I finally picked out fabric for her curtains so hopefully we can get those made in a week or 2.

We're not doing bedding because the bumper pad scares me, and her crib is too low for a crib skirt. We are planning on painting her room and changing table (if my dad makes one) but I don't know when that will be. Poor Billy is so busy on the weekends, so hopefully he'll get a free weekend soon.

My 32 week appt went great. Sister's heartbeat was between 130s-160s (big jump) and momma's tummy is measuring right on track(although it looks and feels huge). I've had a few contractions with this one and a sore tailbone. I had 3 major leg cramps last night in bed which is always fun, ha! I hate those things...I'm too big to move that fast when they hit

31 weeks

My friends water broke yesterday morning at 12:30 and I was able to visit with her for a little bit before Titus made his arrival. It was so fun! I was seriously giddy all day. She delivered in the same room as me which brought back so many memories. I was very thankful for my giddiness because while I would like to have another natural birth, I haven't been as excited this time around. Thankfully that changed yesterday because all I could think about was giving birth, which I really enjoyed, and holding my tiny baby. I pray I can do it natural because I truly did love everything about Tatum's birth. The pain and all. It was such a beautiful experience. However, I'm not getting my hopes up because I'm sure this birth will be nothing like Tatum's.

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