Wednesday, June 6, 2012

40 weeks

My due date isn't until Saturday but I had my appointment yesterday and I'm still a 1, 50% and sister is high. I wasn't disappointed that I haven't progressed any because I was the same with Tatum but it did stink to hear that she's high. My doc is thinking she'll be 7+ lbs which makes sense why I'm so much more uncomfortable this time. And I'm carrying her way lower than Tatum which doesn't help.

My due date and weekly appointments are throwing me off because I keep thinking I'm past due since he checks me on Tuesdays but she doesn't turn another week older till Saturday. I'm trying to remember I'm not as far along as I think I am so I don't get discouraged :). I just really hope I don't have to be induced. I'd love to have another natural birth and I don't see that being the case if he induces me. All of Billy's family will be here this weekend for our nephew's baseball tournament so I'm going to walk my booty off and hopefully I'll go into labor when they're here!

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