Monday, July 25, 2011

5 months

Tatum turned 5 months last Wednesday. Holy cow. How is she that old??

At 5 months you:
.weigh around 16 lbs?
.22 in long (still a shorty)
.eat 8 oz bottle every 3 hrs
.sleep from 7:30-6:30
.nap 3 times a day
.napped in your crib for the first time in 3 months(the incline made you slide sideways).looks like you won't have a problem sleeping in your crib when you're healed from reflux
.always have something in your mouth-hands,nuk,toys.whatever you can get your hands on
.don't enjoy rice cereal so we're trying oatmeal tomorrow
.like to feed yourself a bottle
.sat up twice by yourself with no support on momma's lap
.very stubborn & fight against rolling over.but you spit up every time so maybe you'll learn to crawl first?
.wear 3-6 & 6 month clothes
.tiny feet.nb shoes are STILL big on you
.love getting groceries with momma
.enjoy playing with new toys & bein in your walker
.mr. horse is still your favorite toy
.starting to outgrow your swing.uh oh,where will you sleep?
.taking the highest dose you can of reflux medicine
.you just became aware of your feet & like to grab them
.daddy is your favorite person & I love that
.you will have your first beach experience in 2 weeks.I think you'll love it

Oh tatum.I love you more everyday and am so blessed to be your truly are the sweetest baby are always so happy and content.daddy and I love this stage and never thought we would parent such a good little girl.we pray for you everyday and love you so much.

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