Monday, January 23, 2012

11 months

Tatum turned 11 months three days ago and I just can't believe it. My baby is getting so big way too fast and I don't know if my lovely pregnancy hormones can take it. Tatum is so much fun these days and is such a little stinker.

She was supposed to be napping but instead took her pants off so I had to take a pic. So ornery!

At 11 months you:
.weigh close to 20 lb
.wear mostly 12 months but pants are too long
.wear size 4 diaper
.cutting 4 top teeth
.getting lots of hair
.wake up between 6:30-7:30. You have been waking up at random times in the early a.m. but go back to sleep. I think it's bc you're teething
.bedtime at 8
.you drink 5 6 oz bottles
.eat oatmeal & yogurt for breakfast, followed by a bottle 30
min later
.eating started slow but you're doing great now
.eat 1/2 jar of baby food for lunch & dinner, followed by bottles
.working on real food-you've had mandarin oranges, strawberries, green beans & carrots
.you LOVE Andy Griffith. You watch an episode with your nap & bedtime bottles
.say hi, bye bye, mama, dada, ball
.you put your cell phone to your ear when we say hello
.nap twice a day-morning 1-1.5 hrs, afternoon 2-2.5 hrs
.walk by yourself with walking toys
.shake your head no & nod yes
.pull up on everything
.getting too big for your car seat

I don't want to compare my girls but I really hope baby sister is as happy as Tatum. You are the happiest most joyful child ever. It's so fun watching your sweet personality develop
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