Friday, January 13, 2012

19 weeks

We find out the gender of this lil baby on Tuesday! I'm starting to get really excited! We have a boy name picked out but haven't really thought of girl names-i cant make up my mind. Honestly we both really think it's a boy so girl names have been hard. I will be SHOCKED if theres a lil gal growin in there but I'll be super excited with either. I just really think it's a lil guy.
I'm afraid I'm gonna get a finger wave at my appointment because I haven't been staying away from sweets and I'm pretty sure I've put on 2 or 3 lbs in the last week...oops! I gained weight fast the first half of my pregnancy with Tates and then things leveled out for a while so I'm hoping this pregnancy will be the same. We shall see.
I didn't take a pic this week but here I am at 18 weeks

My next post will be a gender reveal and then 3 days later my baby will be ELEVEN months old. I think I may cry
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