Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tatum says...

Thats right! This little gal is going to have a SISTER!! I was SHOCKED when we heard "its a girl". Billy and I both really thought it was a boy. Like to the point where we said "he" and called him by name a few times (sorry sweet girl). Yesterday i was still certain it was a boy but Billy was thinkin girl and didn't tell me. I seriously couldn't stop laughing when we found out because I was so surprised.

We are both thrilled that we will have two girls 15 1/2 months apart. Can you say mad house?!
I really hope baby sister is tough because Tatum is seriously a brute!

We have zero names because I didn't think we needed one since it was a boy. I really hope she's named before she's born but we are stumped right now. Tatum came to us so easily and I really didn't think we'd have more girls so I wasn't worried.

The ultrasound looked great. Baby girl is measuring 20 weeks and is healthy. It was so fun telling friends and family because 4 people out of at least 20 said girl. Needless to say, almost everyone was probably as surprised as we were when they saw Tatum's "It's a girl" picture.

Well, 20 weeks down, 20 or less weeks to go. Crazy! My doc is so funny because I really expected to get in trouble about my weight gain( seriously gained like 4 lbs in 2 weeks) so when he didn't mention it I asked him about it. Haha he chuckles and says "well it is a bit aggressive". Billy and I started cracking up! It was the nicest way a doc can comment and we thought it was so funny. Anyway, I have got to stop baking cookies every WEEK and put down the skittles while I bake. So here's to a new week with less sweets.

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