Thursday, November 24, 2011

9 months

Tatum turned 9 months on Sunday. She spent her 9 month birthday traveling home from Houston. I can't believe in 3 short months girlfriend will be ONE.

At 9 months you:
.weigh 17.8 lbs
.26" tall
.wear 6-9 months clothes
.drink 5 6-8 oz bottles
.like baby food but don't eat a lot of it
.wear a size 4 diaper
.still on your medicine but we dropped you to 15 mg
.take 2-3 naps for 1.5 hrs
.bedtime is at 8 and you wake up between 7-7:30
.prefer to sleep on your tummy but we roll you onto your back once you're asleep
.flew for the first time to Houston and did great!
.attended your first wedding and I must say your were a big hit
.clap, wave and dance ALL the time
.rock back & forth on all fours but not crawling yet
.you have started throwing mini fits, yikes! They're not bad but still that's a no no
.have you're first thanksgiving

Tatum you are such a joy. You are absolutely hilarious and you know it :). Mommy and daddy love you big as the world

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