Monday, November 14, 2011


When I was preggo with tatum I only had one fear.nursing.I wasn't afraid of natural childbirth.I wasn't afraid of taking care of a baby(I had no clue what to do).i wasnt afraid of anything but nursing.i had so many dreams where I forgot to feed Tatum or wouldn't feed her for 7 hours at a time.i remember one dream where I actually DROPPED my newborn while trying to nurse.I would joke with my friends for them to keep an eye on tatum's weight gain to make sure I was actually feeding her ha!I took a class and read the materials over and over again but nothing made sense.
Thankfully My nursing dreams never came was a little rocky the first 2 weeks(stupid nipple shield) but then it was great.
So you'd think I wouldn't be worried the 2nd time around but guess what? I just lost all confidence in my intuition. My crazy preggo mind started turning. Are you kidding me? I'm only 11 weeks! I randomly thought we'd keep the baby with us in the hospital instead of the nursery like we did with Tates. Well as soon as that thought came to mind, I thought oh no how will I know when the baby gets hungry?! Should I feed the baby every 3 hrs? What if he/she wants to eat every hr?what if he/she is a bad nurser? And the list goes on and on :) ridiculous? Yes. Fear is so dumb. I did fine with tatum and I will do fine with this one. Buuuttttt I think my prayers for a natural nurser will start now :)

Just because she's cute
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